Workshop: Venlo Regionomics

Venlo is ambitious when it comes to sustainable business and innovation. Therefore the municipality of Venlo, C2C Expolab and Blue Innovation Center have designed a project, Venlo Regionomics, in which a diverse community of entrepreneurs, civilians, students, civil servants, scientists and many more will find sustainable solutions for regional problems.

The scope of the project is euregional, the boundaries are loosely set between Eindhoven, Düsseldorf, Nijmegen and Maastricht. The method used for the project is scan, screen implement, as used in Blue Economy, enhanced with business development and new business models. The aim of the project is the start of several new companies or products, creating employment with sustainable new business and solving actual problems at the same time.

Désirée Driesenaar, Blue Economy Expert and partner at the Blue Innovation Center, will explain the concept and will show in an interactive workshop how we can create a world of abundance with everything that is around us. The workshop is the kickoff of Venlo Regionomics which will present its results at the end of the C2C Year in November 2017.

This workshop is given by: Désirée Driesenaar and Bart Verlegh.

Workshop: Venlo RegionomicsWorkshop: Venlo Regionomics

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