Workshop: How to develop world’s first C2C certifiable interior door?

AMI & ECOR a C2C-mindset by working together in the built environment.

AMI in Lomm specializes in supplying solutions for locks and architectural hardware and actively applies the Cradle to Cradle principles. The road to Cradle to Cradle started in September 2015, with an internship project of Job Verbruggen, student at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven. The goal for the project was to obtain information about the roadmap for AMI to certify products with Cradle to Cradle. Which finally resulted in the certification of more than 85% of their Products.

They received the Bronze C2C certificate in February 2016 as the first supplier in architectural hardware solutions. Later that year AMI joined the C2C Bouwgroep, a group of suppliers that embraces the circular economy and wants to spread the C2C-mindset by working together in the built environment.

NOBLE Environmental Technologies developed ECOR, an environmentally friendly and cradle-to-cradle building material. ECOR represents the future of sustainability and green building; beginning as a waste-to-product manufacturing process and resulting in high-performance, sustainable & healthy building materials, which uniquely enables circular economic principles for starting with waste resources and enabling recycling at the end of a products life cycle. ECOR enables others to achieve their circular economy ambitions.

Now both companies have set their minds to develop world’s first C2C certifiable interior door. In this workshop Eric Logtens and Arthur de Ruiter will introduce their vision and mission strategy in developing a roadmap for this challenge and invite you to become part of a co-creative, co-operational process.

The C2C story of companies in Venlo Workshop: The C2C story of companies in Venlo

By: Arthur de Ruiter & Eric Logtens

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