Workshop: Sustainable learning together in education 

The elementary school ‘De Zuidstroom’ has been housed for more than a year in a brand new building. The building was realised with more than 22 different Cradle to Cradle (C2C) elements. The building was realised to give shape to the education of the future and to stimulate children to work from and with the C2C mindset.

Working together with students, teachers, parents and partners in the environment is an important element to achieve development of C2C in a school. Koen Kemps, director of ‘De Zuidstroom’ will tell participants of the workshop about the entire process and give information on how C2C was incorporated in education and how all target groups like children and parents were motivated for this mindset.

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Within the education programme they will integrate elements of C2C in the educational programme. In the past year they have had lessons with the subject ‘Paper’, among others. The children receive more information about why it’s useful to gather old paper. The children learn about the benefits of gathering old paper, calculating the savings of re-using old paper, the process of paper recycling and more.

Furthermore, there are multiple elements that fit in the subject of C2C / sustainability in the education. There is an active group of teachers that develops lessons and activities to integrate C2C in the lesson programme. Elementary School 'De Zuidstroom' will start its own vegetable garden this spring. All children will deliver a contribution to this. Solar panels were placed on the roof of the school. The school will try to gain enough electricity for light and electric appliances by generating sustainable energy.

'De Zuidstroom' will continue on this path to raise children as citizens that take smart, sustainable decisions for the future.

By: Koen Kemps

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