Registration Conditions

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Terms of registration Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Congress Venlo 2017

The provisions under which a visitor can participate in the C2C-Congress Venlo 2017 (referred to as ‘the event’ hereafter), are set out in these Terms of Registration C2C-Congress Venlo 2017 and in the General Conditions of DGB BV (referred to as ‘General Conditions’ hereafter) and the Privacy Statement of DGB BV (referred to as Privacy Statement hereafter).

The event is organized by the municipality Venlo and by Duurzaam Gebouwd BV (referred to as ‘The Organizer’).

The correspondence address is: 
Duurzaam Gebouwd BV
Beekhuizenseweg 11
6881 AA Velp
T. +31 (0)85 - 273 59 70

E:, Website:

Location, date and time
The event will take place on Thuesday 21 March, from 18:00 untill 23:00 hours in Domani in Venlo, on Wednesday 22 March 2017 from 08.30 until 17.30 hours in Maaspoort in Venlo, and on Thursday 23 March 2017. 

By filling out the online registration form for the event and sending it, you accept an agreement with the organizer. You agree with the conditions as they are stated here. The agreement is concluded as soon as the organizer receives your registration and confirms this. The registration takes place online and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail directly after registering. Your registration is personal and non-transferable. During the event it is possible your identification will be checked.

The data you enter during the registration will be used to send you information for this event and can be used to inform you about other events by the organizer. Please see the full Privacy Statement.  

Entry requirements
In order to participate in the event, you need to fit within our target group: goverments, municipalities, provinces, CEO’s, managers and senior professionals active in the integral construction and real estate sector or related to. The amount of participants is limited. The organizer reserves the right at all times to select participants for the event (selection is made on the basis of registration date and position within a company) and / or reject participants, without accountability. The visitors will get an official confirmation in a timely fashion.

Payment options
Participating in the event costs, depending on your choice, € 150 exclusive VAT for the In Practice Congress, € 75 exclusive VAT for the Experience Tour and the combination deal for both days cost € 200 exclusive VAT (and if applicable: discounts). The registration fee is payable in euro’s. You will remain responsible for fulfilling your payment obligation for participating in the event at all times, even if you mentioned your employer takes over the payment of your registration.

If you register through a free invitation, you are able to participate in the event free of charge. You will not get an invoice when you participate in the event. The organizer will still ask you for your invoice data, even if you register via a free invitation. This is related to the cancellation policy. 

Cancellation Policy
If you registered for a payed participation you can cancel until two weeks before the event free of charge. Until 1 week before the event the organizer will bill € 99 exclusive VAT for the In Practice Congress and combination deal or € 50 exclusive VAT for the Experience Tour. If you cancel after this time or if you not show up, the organizer will bill the entire amount (€ 150 /  € 75 / € 200 exclusive VAT). If you registered for free admittance but are prevented from participation, it is not possible to transfer your participation to a colleague or relation.

If you unfairly register with a free invitation (for example when the invitation is meant for someone else), the organizer is authorized to bill the entire amount (€ 150 /  € 75 / € 200 exclusive VAT). All cancellations for the above deadlines are done via e-mail ( or by telephone via 085-2735970.

The organizer can, at all times and without notification, in its own discretion and without giving reasons, postpone or cancel the event, change the location or other published data, or withdraw an invitation for the event.  

New developments
The organizer reserves the right to amend the registration conditions as new developments unfold. The organizer advises you to check the conditions regularly for any changes. 

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