The full programme of the C2C-Congress Venlo

The full programme of the C2C-Congress Venlo

The plenary programme of the C2C-Congress Venlo is complete. Leaders in C2C such as Michael Braungart, Roger Cox and Owen Zachariasse take the stage to inspire hundreds of international participants. Do not miss this unique opportunity and register for the event.

Experts in Cradle to Cradle will inspire visitors during the In Practice Congress on March 22. This congress is one of the three elements of the C2C-Congress Venlo. After a warm welcome from mayor Antoin Scholten of Venlo, the conference will start with a keynote by space adventurer André Kuipers.

After that, Michael Braungart will offer his thoughts on C2C and he will feature as one of the experts debating during the C2C panel. Lewis Perkins, Owen Zachariasse, Hans Goverde and Michel Weijers will join him in the panel discussion. Also, the spotlight will shine on the winning team of the Venlo Circular Challenge. The congress concludes with a keynote by Roger Cox.

Other than the plenary programme, there are two workshop rounds planned. Here, participants put their newly gained knowledge into practice. The actual application of Cradle to Cradle is a central subject during the workshops. Participants put their newly gained knowledge into practice during these active sessions.


There are a limited number of tickets available for the C2C-congress Venlo. Make sure you are able to participate and register now!


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