‘Healthy staff members as a primary objective’

‘Healthy staff members as a primary objective’

With portfolios ‘C2C’ and ‘Sustainability’ councilor Wim van den Beucken knows the benefits of future-proof initiatives. The municipality has to set the right example, of course. One such example is the City Hall Venlo. Why chose a Cradle to Cradle inspired office, and what are the results?

Author: Wim van den Beucken

In August 2016 the municipality of Venlo moved into its new city hall, which was inspired by Cradle to Cradle. Everyone notices the difference! It’s a comfortable building to work and reside in. The health of our employees is absolutely critical and this was the starting point for the design. 

In order to ensure optimal quality of indoor air, we introduce fresh air from the outside of the building three times a day. The materials in the building are non-toxic, and this contributes to the health of the people in the building. In our old building, people often complained about headaches and feeling tired. The situation has improved a lot.

The city hall is not the only place where we have these positive experiences. We also have them in elementary school ‘De Zuidstroom’. This is another building where the health of the users, the students, are the most important thing. By applying healthy C2C-materials we improve the quality of the indoor air. Also,  the acoustics are much improved.

Because of this, the children are calmer and can concentrate better. Coming March 22 we are organizing the C2C In Practice Congress in Venlo. During this day, we will share our knowledge and experiences with you. The In Practice Congress will take place during the three-day C2C Congress Venlo, which is part of the Cradle to Cradle year. This runs from October 2016 to October 2017. During this year municipalities, business and educational parties show how they can work together to form a sustainable future.

I hope to meet you in Venlo in March. 


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