What to expect during the C2C-Congress Venlo

What to expect during the C2C-Congress Venlo

The C2C-Congress Venlo is packed with interesting C2C projects to learn and share knowledge about. At the in Practice Congress there will be a lot of workshops. 'De Zuidstroom' school is an example of such projects. Do you want to experience C2C with your own eyes? At the Experience tour there will be exclusive visits to these inspiring projects: the Municipal Office of Venlo, C2C ExpoLAB and AGMI Traffic.

The C2C-Congress Venlo consists of three parts over three days: a Network Dinner, the In Practice Congress and the Experience Tour. During the In Practice Congress (March 22) workshops will be held, each describing interesting projects and business cases with C2C as a common denominator.

Workshops C2C Congress Venlo

The workshops consist of a business case of several companies like AMI, which explains how and why they started with C2C. Other workshops will detail the circular buying process and how to design a C2C building. Also, the financial health of buildings and sustainable learning in education will be discussed. Participants in the Experience Tour on March 23 will experience how C2C is put into practice.

Experience Tour on March 23

During the Experience Tour on March 23, the group of participants visits the C2C ExpoLAB, the Municipal Office Venlo and AGMI Traffic.

Feeling enthusiastic about C2C and the C2C-Congress Venlo? Order your tickets now to ensure your participation. Tickets are €150 for the In Practice Congress on March 22. The investment for the Experience Tour is €75. If you would like to gain and share knowledge during the In Practice Congress and participate in the Experience Tour, we recommend the combination deal for two days. The combination deal costs €200.     

The picture is at the C2C crossing on the N279. AGMI was able to make the following C2C certified products: six VRI portals, two VICA portals, four aluminum LWW masts and ALISA signs. During the Experience Tour you will visit AGMI Traffic. 


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