The C2C-Congress Venlo website is LIVE 

The C2C-Congress Venlo website is LIVE 

The official 'Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Congress Venlo' site is live! Order your tickets now!

You will find all the information about the conference, organized by the municipality of Venlo here. On this brand new website you are also able to order your tickets

The Venlo region is the first in the world to have embraced the principles of Cradle to Cradle. The most important example is the city hall of Venlo: in 2008, the municipality decided to build this new city hall in line with circular C2C principles. From October 2016 to October 2017 the Cradle to Cradle year is held and the Cradle to Cradle Congress Venlo is an important part of this year.

The C2C-Congress Venlo, consists of three separate events. The first day (March 21) is devoted to an exclusive Network Dinner. On the second day (March 22) the ‘In Practice Congress’ takes place with inspiring speakers and workshops. The third and final day includes an Experience Tour, which leads participants through interesting projects.

21 March 2017: Network Dinner – Domani in Venlo
22 March 2017: In Practice Congress – de Maaspoort in Venlo
23 March 2017: Experience Tour - de Maaspoort in Venlo

Discover at our newly website more information about this conference and the opportunity to become a partner!


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