Workshop: How to design a Cradle to Cradle building

This workshop will be given by Hans Goverde, partner and architect of Kraaijvanger Architects and designer of the Stadskantoor Venlo. Participants will be shown what the motivation is behind Cradle to Cradle and which challenges parties will have to face.

Circularity in the Stadskantoor Venlo is not restricted to own energy generation and the use of re-usable materials. It’s also in the improved health of the people within the building and the environment. The City Hall filters particulate matter and nitrous oxide from the air and purifies its own sewage. It encourages movement and contributes to a lower absenteeism.

The obstacles that came up during the design process eventually led to the most interesting solutions. A big win is that this building shows that circular construction is possible on this scale. The gained knowledge will be shared with you during this workshop.

How to design a Cradle to Cradle building

By: Hans Goverde

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