Workshop: Guided tour of City Hall Venlo

Are you interested in how the Cradle to Cradle principles were applied in City Hall Venlo? Then we definitely recommend the workshop – a guided tour of the impressive office – to you.

During the tour you will find out everything about the many different Cradle to Cradle solutions that are implemented in the building. Take a look at the green walls, the re-used concrete, the many healthy materials that are applied to the building and the communication regarding the generation of sustainable energy and the saving of water.

Discover how Cradle to Cradle takes shape in this exclusive tour of the City Hall Venlo.

By: City Hall Venlo

Important note: Participating in this workshop means that you can not participate in other workshops. The guided tour consist round 1 and 2 of the workshops and you will be back when round 2 ends. You will be on time for the plenairy programme after the workshops. 

Sneak preview:

Guided tour of City Hall Venlo Guided tour of City Hall Venlo

 Guided tour of City Hall Venlo Guided tour of City Hall Venlo

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