Experience Tour

During the conference, our speakers will expand your knowledge. You might want to apply what you’ve learned. For that reason, an ”Experience Tour” will be held, which revolves around applying the theory by visiting interesting projects and initiatives. It is time to put the knowledge about Cradle to Cradle to use.

The Experience Tour, part of the C2C- Congress Venlo, will create the opportunity to utilize the knowledge about C2C. The tour will include 3 exclusive visits: to the C2C ExpoLAB, the brand new City Hall Venlo and a guided tour at Agmi Traffic & Lighting.

Throughout the tour you will have ample opportunity to ask questions about the application of the C2C-principles of the organizations that you visit. Furthermore, it is an excellent networking opportunity with like-minded people and to find the connection to create new business cases. We will end the day together with a delicious lunch at 'De Maaspoort' with a magnificent view over the Maas and look ahead to the future, with new collaborations and fresh inspiration.




08.45 hours

Reception with coffee and tea (at De Maaspoort)

09.15 hours

Welcoming speech 

09.45 hours

Start Visits Experience Tour (transport arranged by bus)

13.30 hours

Lunch in De Maaspoort

14.30 hours


C2C Visit 1: C2C ExpoLAB

C2C ExpoLAB is an advisor for customer or contractors in the construction and real estate sector. The organisation helps to form policy, or procurement of (re-) construction of buildings. The goal is to make these buildings sustainable by applying the principles of Cradle to Cradle.

More information about the C2C ExpoLAB can be found on their official website, that also has an animation about their work method, their clients and successful projects.


Exclusive visit to the C2C ExpoLAB

Participants of the Experience Tour during the third day of the C2C-Congress Venlo will be able to visit the C2C ExpoLAB. They will also be able to see the sustainable solutions that were implemented in the City Hall Venlo. For more information check the website of C2C ExpoLab. 


C2C Visit 2: City Hall Venlo

The sustainable City Hall Venlo was opened on 14 October, the start of the Cradle to Cradle year. Venlo is the first municipality that has embraced the principles of this methodology. The organisation gives form to these ambitions in her City Hall, developed according to the Cradle to Cradle vision as much as possible.

Various measures were taken by the project team to reach a high level of sustainability. Among others, a green facade, Cradle to Cradle-materials and purification of city air are just a few key points for the city hall.

“It was a challenge to think in all different aspects of the environment and people working inside City Hall Venlo”, says Michel Weijers of Venlo municipality and C2C ExpoLAB. “The Cradle to Cradle-vision was applied integrally in all facets of the building process. We wanted to use healthy materials as much as possible and to be able to re-use these materials without loss of quality. We think it’s crucially important to let citizens as well as employees of the city hall know why this building results in added value for everyone.”

During this visit you will get a guided tour and see all the C2C aspects with your own eyes. Check out the website of the City Hall Venlo for a sneak preview. 

City Hall venlo  

Experience Tour

C2C Visit 3: Agmi Traffic

Agmi Traffic & Lighting, provider of tunnel safety, signposting and VICA and VRI portals, amongst other things, has had its complete signage offering and VICA and VRI portals certified, cradle to cradle.  

Would you like to see the production process of Cradle to Cradle signage and portals in a factory with almost exclusively Cradle to Cradle-certified products? The Experience Tour offers you an exclusive guided tour at Agmi Traffic & Lighting. Note: after the guided tour of just 30 minutes, you will never drive on the motorway without thinking about Agmi Traffic & Lighting.


Eric Janssen, Commercial Director at Agmi Traffic & Lighting: ‘Cradle to Cradle is part of our business operation. We wish to work well and sustainably, while enjoying our job. Cradle to Cradle fits perfectly into this’.

 agmi trAffic

Experience Tour

At the C2C crosspoint on the N279 Agmi was able to make the following C2C certified products: 6 VRI portals, 2 VICA portals, 4 aluminum LWW masts and ALISA signs.


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